Satisfied Clients...

“Anne is a brilliant professional; hard working, meticulous and
thorough, kind and caring, low-key, always responds to emails.” -Karla P.

Winning results…

$20 million jury verdict on behalf of whistleblower fired after reporting timeshare sales fraud.


Satisfied clients…

“Anne always made sure I was up to speed by explaining each
step of the legal process. She fought for me without wavering and I could not be happier with how she handled my case.” – Amber S.

Winning results…

$1.9 million jury verdict in negligent supervision and retention case involving employee who was attacked by a coworker on the job.



Costin Law - Representing Employees in California

Costin Law Inc. represents employees in California who have suffered from harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in the workplace.  Attorney Anne Costin is a dedicated and experienced client advocate with a record of success in representing employees who have been harmed.

If you believe you are the victim of unlawful treatment by your employer, please contact Costin Law.  Attorney Anne Costin provides free consultations and case evaluations to prospective clients, and often works on a contingency basis (where clients are not billed by the hour), as she appreciates that many individuals who have lost their jobs or are struggling in the workplace are unable to make hourly payments to a lawyer.

Consulting with a lawyer is the first step toward standing up for your right to be free from unlawful conduct in the workplace.  It is important to act promptly as there are limited time frames within which aggrieved employees may initiate legal action.